Great communicaion and prompt delivery.  Excellent solution for feeding the hens and  not every other bird in the vicinity!   Pays for itself in no time.        Haley Reid, Pahiatua.



What an awsome product!!!   Works a treat with my ducks.  Will be getting another one soon.    Highley recommend this product.          Jeff Mc Clintock, Cheviot.



Great trade,  prompt delivery.   Nosloc is a fantastic product.   Took our chickens less than 24 hours to figure it out!!!   Much better than the stand on feeders which just spooked out chickens!    Alana Brett,  Wanaka.



Hiya Lorraine,   Just a follow up ont he chicken feeder.   What a great product!   My chickens sussed it out very quickly, I've stopped feeding all the local doves and my feed bill is way down.     Cheers, Patrick and the girls.

Patrick Morrison,  Beach Haven.