Frequently Asked Questions


Q.   How do you teach the chickens and ducks to use the feeder.

A.    Full instructions are sent with each order - just follow these instructions.  A video demo is on this web site.


Q.  How long will it take the chickens/hens/ducks/game birds to use the nozzle?

A.  Most learn  within the first day or soon after.


Q.  Can my bantams that are in with the chickens use the feeder?

A.   Yes - just put the tip of the nozzle low enough that the shortest bird in the run can reach the end of the nozzle.


Q.  What age chickens will use the feeder?   I breed my own.

A.  From one day old chickens will use the feeder - just have it low enough  for them to reach the nozzle.


Q.  I have had my feeder for several days and my chickens have not started using the feeder.

A.  Please do not continually tap the feeder to dispense feed - leave the chickens to find the feed themselves.  Only scatter feed under the nozzle for the first couple of days.   Put some peanut butter on the red bung and stick some of their food to it if they are are still not using the feeder after a few days.  Take away all other feed.


Q.   What is a "Protected" nozzle?

A.  This nozzle has a protective sheath over the coil to stop sparrows, mynah, wild birds, vermin etc access to the nozzle.  You can use an Unprotected nozzle in a fully enclosed bird proof run or for feeding whole maize.


Q.   Will domestic ducks use the feeder?

A.  Yes.  Make sure they have plenty of water available along side the feeder as they like to drink when they feed.


Q.  Can I adjust the gap in the nozzle?

A.  No.  The nozzles are made of high tensil steel.   You will hurt yourself and damage the nozzle!

      Only a "sprinkle" of feed is dispensed each time the Chicken/hen/pheasant/game bird or ducks tap the nozzle.  They will tap again to release more feed if they are still hungry.    Hence no waste feed on the ground for birds or vermin.


Q.  My red bung has gone - can I get another one?

A.  Yes - we have spares available (order thru the contact form).  The UV rays will break down the red bung and also if you leave the bucket emply the constant pecking with sharp beaks will destroy the bung.   You have a spare red bung attached to the Instructions sheet sent with your order.


Q.  Can I buy another lid - my one has perished.

A. We occasionally get spare blue screw on lids - contact us.


Q.   My feed will not come down into the nozzle.

A.   You must have at least a 1/3rd of a bucket of feed for the system to gravity feed. 


Q.   How many hens etc can use the one nozzle at a time?

A.   Maximum 25 birds per nozzle.


DOG FOOD - CARTON SIZE 570 X 350 X 180 


Can't find the answer to your question  -   Feel free to use the contact form on this web site, we will get back to you a.s.a.p