3mm or 5mm Nozzle Bucket & Waratah Bracket

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PROTECTED NOZZLES: These have a specially designed protective sheath over the nozzle to prevent sparrows, blackbirds, mynah, etc access to the feed. The unprotected nozzle does not have this sheath BUCKETS: Our 20Ltr buckets are once used food grade buckets.They come to you drilled ready to attach the feeder nozzle. The nozzle can be attached to any size bucket/container 4Ltr to multiple nozzles underneath a drum. WARATAH BRACKET: (Aussie Star Picket) Is designed to be attached to a waratah standard for free range application or to use in the pond out over the water for ducks. The Brackets Specially designed to take the weight of the bucket when full and to keep it vertical so the food will gravity feed. Please do not hang the feeder system.