Nosloc Poultry & Gamebird feeder Product Information


Our Protected nozzles and unprotected nozzles are out of stock until further notice.

Nosloc ® feeders were developed out of frustration with existing products available not meeting our requirements,  having used or experienced first hand the limitations of all these products on the market for feeding chickens and game birds.

After 5 years of field trials Nosloc® feeders have evolved into an efficient, affordable feeding system that has found favour with hunters, conservationists, free range chicken farms, wild life parks, zoo’s and many backyard aviculturists. Many hours of research and development at the Otorohanga Kiwi House, Auckland Zoo, wild ponds and domestic poultry farms have resulted in a simple but effective on demand feeder. Nosloc feeders are waterproof, vermin proof, able to operate over water or land and help prevent feeding undesirables such as sparrows, blackbirds, etc.

By setting up the feeder correctly one can target the species you wish to feed.  ie:  chickens, ducks pheasants.    The height of the feeder is the key so that only the species you want to feed can operate the feeder nozzle.  No sparrows, mynah, rats or mice can reach the nozzle, thus only the species you want are fed.


Feeder nozzles can be attached to a variety of food receptacles. The most practical being food grade 20Ltr plastic buckets for the average size chicken run or 200 Ltr drums with multiple feeder nozzles for commercial use.  This method comes into its own with open pens.   Not only do you save feed but less money is spent on the construction of the pens, free range speaks for itself.

In free range situations the feeder must be protected from stock.

The known species that have fed successfully to date are chickens, wild ducks – including mallards, greys, brown and grey teal, domestic ducks, turkeys, Canadian geese, black swan, mute swan, pheasants, pukeko, peacocks, guinea fowl, grouse, partridge, pigeons, weka, crane, and doves.

How the Nosloc Poultry & Game Bird  Feeder Works

Feed Chickens, Hens, Bantams, Waterfowl, Ducks, Game Birds and More

  • Go away for a few days knowing your chicken, ducks, pheasants, etc will be fed and happy
  • Easily mounts for ease and convience
  • Feeds all types of DRY, CLEAN FEEDS, wheat, barley, kibbled maize, whole maize, pellets or a mixture of the above.
  • Only a small amount (a sprinkle) of feed is dispenced each time the nozzle is activated - no surplus or waste feed on the ground for vermin and birds.
  • Beware of DAMP feed or feed containing Molassas as they will block the nozzle.
  • Ducks, etc quickly learn to operate feeder nozzle dislodging feed to where they feed naturally.
  • Protects feed from vermin, sparrows and weather
  • Easy to set up over water
  • Easily mounts for ease and convience. Do not hang/suspend the feeder.
  • Pheasants, Guinea Fowl, Grouse, Partridge, etc quickly learn to operate feeder nozzle dislodging feed to where they feed naturally.
  • Provides economical self feeding on demand
  • Waratah or post bracket mounts available.  Do not hang/suspend the feeder, it will not gravity feed if it goes off centre.
  • Easy assembly


  • Brackets have been developed for easy mounting and height adjustments.
  • The Waratah bracket fits onto a waratah standard.  (Aussie Star Picket)
  • Height can be adjusted up or down
  • The bucket hangs on its own handle to the top of the bracket.
  • Post/Wall brackets are usually screwed or nailed to a fixed position.
  • The bucket hangs on its own handle to the top of the bracket.
  • Do not hang/suspend the bucket - it will not gravity feed if it goes off centre.

BUCKETS:  All our buckets are 20Ltr and come with screw top lids for easier filling.    Our buckets come to you ready prepared to attach the nozzle.     Larger or smaller containers with lids may be used.

Funnels:-    Funnels are required to feed mash.   We cut the funnels to fit our 20Ltr buckets.



Used By

  • Domestic Chicken/poultry Runs
  • Commercial Free range chicken farms save up to 30%
  • Chicken Fanciers
  • Meat Chicken Producers
  • Pigeon and Dove Fanciers
  • Hunters to attract wild birds to ponds
  • Department of Conservation for captive release program.
  • Auckland Zoo waterfowl program
  • Otorohanga Kiwi House, Brown Teal and Grey teal program.
  • Willow Bank Wildlife Park
  • Domestic/Commercial Duck egg and meat producers
  • Pheasant Breeders for release
  • Partridge breeders.
  • Pheasant release sites holds birds in given area
  • Private and Commercial aviaries
  • Hamilton Zoo